Friday, January 14, 2005

100 Things about me


1. My Name is April.
2. I was not born in April, but September
3. April is better than Opal – even with all of the April, May, Junes I get
4. I just turned 30.
5. I started school a year earlier than I was supposed to.
6. When I was finishing 6th Grade, my husband was finishing his senior year.
7. He is 7 years older than I am.
8. We did not know each other then
9. I just like to remind him that he is older than I am!
10. I started college when I was 17.
11. I had to have a medical release form from my parents on file with the dorm room for the first 2 months of school.
12. I didn't need it
13. I met my DH in February of 1993.
14. The funniest night of our dating was when he got drunk and his friends convinced him that I wasn't yet 18 and the cops were after him.
15. I was sober
16. and laughing my @$$ off
17. We hadn't even slept together at that point
18. We did shortly thereafter ;-)
19. We were married in June 1995
20. Even though I did NOT want to be a "June Bride"
21. I just didn't want to wait until November, as originally planned
22. I have only been drunk 2 times
23. I have lived in the Tulsa area for 20 of the 30 years
24. The first 3 years were in Ft. Bragg, NC
25. I stayed in Tahlequah for 7 years
26. Tahlequah is the setting for Where the Red Fern Grows, my all time favorite book.
27. I read it every winter.
28. This year I hope my son will read it and fall in love with it.
29. I have two sons
30. Zack is 8
31. He was 5 weeks early
32. While in labor with him, I was transported by ambulance from Tahlequah to Tulsa
33. The EMT would not stop at McDonalds on the turnpike
34. The ER nurse called me a damn teenage mother in the elevator
35. I cussed her out and forbade her to be on the floor
36. The doctor agreed and she was fired after her shift
37. Because I was 22 and married and the baby was planned to boot
38. I spent the next 21 days at his side in the NICU
39. He is perfectly normal now - most of the time!
40. Mack is 5
41. He was 3 weeks early
42. He did not have to stay in NICU!
43. Both boys are asthmatic due to prematurity
44. DH and I are also asthmatics, but exercise induced generally
45. My next door neighbor at the hospital was my cousin – she had her son the day after Mack was born
46. I work for commercial painters
47. I like what I do – A little bit of everything in running an office
48. I wish I had the funds to get my Business Administration/Management degree
49. I lack 4 classes for an Associates
50. They are Econ I and II and Accounting I and II
51. I tried to take them online
52. I am not cut out for online classes
53. I worked at my former job for 3 years
54. It traded hands something like 5 times in that 3 years
55. I was laid off in November 2003 – the week before Thanksgiving
56. I didn't hold that against them
57. I used the month of December to work with Toys for Tots
58. I did it again this year
59. You don't understand how generous a city can be until you see the mountain of toys to be sorted
60. You don't understand how selfish a city can be until you see all of the toys that ARE NOT new, and obviously so not new
61. You hope that whoever donated those not new toys did it in the spirit of the season, not to get free football tickets
62. I am a Republican
63. Not because I necessarily agree with them
64. but because they are closest to what I do agree with
65. I am a Christian
66. I have been since I was 9
67. I will not "preach" to you
68. I will, however, love you
69. Because it is commanded of me
70. I generally like people anyway
71. I get my Kicks on Route 66, every day!
72. I taught myself to knit because I wanted to know how
73. I am now hooked
74. I have made socks
75. and a sweater
76. and fuzzy feet
77. and scarves
78. I want to learn lace knitting
79. and cables
80. and designing
81. and writing the pattern for others
82. My husband and I are trying to buy a house
83. We will be eating beans and cornbread to do it
84. We LURVE beans and cornbread
85. We have an appraiser
86. I have CHAOS syndrome
87. I need FlyLady
88. I should use FlyLady more
89. I have lived in the house we are buying for 6 years.
90. It shows it!
91. My favorite Chocolate is dark – more bang for the buck
92. My favorite Lunch is L14, no extra spice, from the Lanna Thai in Midtown
93. My favorite dinner when we can afford it is a rack of ribs from Texas Roadhouse
94. I love to eat breakfast
95. I hate to cook
96. Or rather – I hate to clean up after cooking
97. My children are learning to clean up
98. My drink of choice is Pepsi
99. My favorite TV show is CSI – any of them
100. I'm a natural blonde.

Oh my gosh, I never thought that I would get through that! Ugh!


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