Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Knitty SP3!!

It did come on Monday as I was hoping! I've not had any of the hot cocoa yet, but I think I will tonight after I put the boys to bed!

I'm definately making the reverse bloom wash-cloth this weekend! I've got a ball of cotton that is pink, and I may get some that is yellow for the center. I think they are soo cool and cute for teacher/birthday gifts for friends!

Thank You SP!!!


Blogger Elabeth said...

Hey, did you join Secret Pals 4? I've never been in an SP before so I'm all excited about it.
RE your comment on my blog: Yeah, I wish all yarn stores were as welcoming and nice as String! and this one I went to in Memphis called Yarns To Go. They didn't have coffee there, but the vibe was the same unlike at Naturally Needlepoint where it's all ewww get out of here if you're not rich and over 40. haha

1:47 PM  

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