Friday, January 07, 2005


Well, I've finally made it to the newest LYS in town, Strings! I LOVE IT! I will definately go back.

Stephanie, the owner, is very friendly!

Amber, from Tulsa MeetUp, her husband and son were there when we got there.

I took my 2 boys (5 & 8), and they wanted to knit! (They both know some form - sticks or fingers). Stepahnie is very open to having the kids there!

The place is small, the wall of Yarn from the KOTV story (link) is just about all of the yarn, but it is so much more laid back than the other two stores in town.

She has Crystal Palace (yarn & Needles), Addis, trekking XXL and the yummiest of ANGORA! It feels like a baby bunny! My Knitty SP3 may get some!

In summary: I will go back, take my knitting, enjoy the company and hot cocoa (I do not do coffee), and knit! And I will be saving my money to get some of that Angora! Man o man that stuff is heavenly soft!


Blogger Tracy said...

Just in case you haven't seen I've a little word of warning! When you get to Kiri's edging, there is an error with the pattern. Check for the new instructions.

10:22 AM  

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