Friday, February 18, 2005

Counting my blessings

  1. I have a job that I like - no, love. I hear people complain about their jobs and think to myself, "Wow - thats too bad, cause I love my job."
  2. My family, though sick right now, is relatively healthy.
  3. When we do need to go see a Doctor, we don't have to worry about which bill to not pay because we have excellent insurance.
  4. We also have excellent prescription coverage.
  5. We have vision insurance that covers exams at no cost - AND - the eye doctor that I have been seeing since I was in High School is on the preferred provider list!
  6. I have a my mom's car to use this weekend so that we have a break from one-car-family syndrome.
  7. I have a scout resource center that is open on weekends
  8. For dinner on Saturday, I only have to make bread, salad and dessert
  9. For dinner on Sunday, I only have to make a pot of chili
  10. I have a new dryer - which means five months of laundrymat visits have come to an end! (and the laundry is nearly caught up!)


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