Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday 3x3

From 24Knits:

*List 3 random facts about yourself.
  1. I have a tattoo (I'll post a picture of it on Monday - with a pair of FOs)
  2. I took Vo-Tech in high school
  3. I lack 4 classes from having an Associates in Business Administration
*List 3 things you wouldn't do for money.
  1. Eat any of that crap on Fear Factor
  2. Do many of the stunts on Fear Factor
  3. Watch Fear Factor while eating my dinner
*List the first 3 words that come into your head when I say Romance.
  1. Origins "On the Spot" Massage oil
  2. Candles
  3. Chocolate

And as a bonus question, if you are so inclined, tell me what your plans are for Monkey Love Day

  • Since Monkey Love Day is on a Monday, most plans are hampered by my Monday Work Madness - payroll! If at the end of the day, I don't have a hair pulling headache, then perhaps I will get out the 3 items mentioned above for some monkey lovin', otherwise - An aleve and a pepsi and I'm putting myself to bed - right after CSI Miami.


Blogger Fiber said...

I agree. Having Monkey Love Day on a Monday is a mean dirty trick. Here's to hoping the massage oil sees some action.
And hopefully, it won't be on a ferret. =)

10:07 AM  

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