Thursday, February 17, 2005

Have you ever tried . . .

To take a picture of your own ankle? OK - a GOOD picture of your own ankle? Its hard I tell ya! I did get pictures of my PAIR of FO's this morning. Then I ran off and forgot my camera at home.

This hasn't been a really good morning - both DH and Mack are home sick. Mack has a fever and a stuffy head (sinus infection, sez Dr. Mom) while DH has a horrible cough with a rib that isn't cooperating - as in its bulging from his sternum. It hurts so bad that he begged to see the Dr. They will be squeezing him in this afternoon.

We were supposed to have family pictures done this evening - but I've cancelled that. We will instead do them on 2/26. I decided to wear my new clothes to work anyway! I'm the mom and I can do that! This is what I got: One of THESE in dewey leaf and a ribbed cotton/spandex cardigan to match. (I'd link a picture - but doesn't have them up yet.)


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