Friday, March 04, 2005


So I'm thinking of starting a Freecycle group for Tulsa/Broken Arrow (there is a small N. Tulsa/Turley group). Does anyone have any experience in Freecycle to give me a warning or a go-ahead? I would love for it to be "self moderating" but I guess that I will be listed as moderator until someone else can take over.

Hmmmm, I'll ponder it this weekend.

On the knitting front - Sockapalooza socks need one repeat on the leg and then we are turning heels (two on two) so they will be finished by the 15th.

For boring, evening before bed knitting, I've been making facecloths. I'm saving them for the Christmas stockings for the girls in my family.


Blogger Elabeth said...

Well, the only experience I've had with freecycle was a bad one. The local group moderator is kind of bitchy and has rules that she doesn't let you know about until you break them. #1 being that she likes you to offer something before you post a wanted for something. I think this is BS because the front page of the group says "ask for things, take things..." whatever. So yeah, if you do it just leave it wide open and don't try to control what people ask for or offer.
Now, that said, this is why I will not participate in freecycle again ever: I offered an old exercise bike free to a good home. I gave the bike to the first person to say they wanted it. I then posted that it was taken.
For the next TWO DAYS I got whiney bitchy sore loser sob story emails from random other people who had written saying they wanted it. Some being insistant that they must have been the first one to ask and others just saying, "I guess you didn't think I deserved it, but I did." I so don't need that crap.

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