Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jeesh -

Doesn't anyone come here and update this thing? Oh, wait - that is my job. Well, since I've died this week (wait - not dead yet), things are slow going! It seems that son number 2 had a Systemic Ear Infection. This is the one who has had tubes since he was 13 months old. The dr. thought that perhaps he has mono, but it seems that the Zithromax (ha - lelujah!) is working is miraculous wonders on his ear and his throat.

I have numerous photos to take this weekend to post for your viewing pleasure what great Secret Pals and RAOKers I have!

I need to work on a (mock)ruffles scarf for this Saturday. I'm to the binding off (400+ stitches!). I still need to complete my sockapalooza socks (I'm sorry Kristel!). I still want a KIRI shawl. I need to do a knit-up and evaluation for Toni.

Oh, yeah, and there are two Easter egg hunts this weekend that I will be at. One of which is indoors (thank goodnes), but the other? Don't know what she has planned for that one! And we go to two church services beginning on Easter, which means I now have to be there at 8:45 instead of 9:30 and its going to be COLD so I don't want to wear my new clothes (that I've been wearing anyway!)

OK, so - pictures soon!


Blogger Kristel said...

No need to worry about the socks. :) I trust they will get here eventually.

2:38 PM  

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