Friday, May 27, 2005

Cute Title Here

I know - I'm so horribly bad at keeping this updated!

Just a quick rundown -

Loop - Fabulous store with all of the yarn brands you would expect to find in a yarn store located at Utica Square. The atmosphere is cozy, and child friendly. The hours for now leave a lot to be desired - no evenings yet. I will shop there when I can afford the good stuff.

Anniversary - DH and I celebrate 10 years on the 16th, so we're having a party! I'll take lots of pictures - I promise!

Kristel's socks - are inching closer to the toe! btw - did I tell you that I started to decrease once - so that they would end up fitting me? Yeah, I wear a size 6US - so I had to rip back!

The Baby Spiral is about 2 feet across (guessing here) but I need another size 8 addi so that I can work on two needles. The blanket is too bunchy for my taste.

The fish blanket - I've started the 3rd color - so I now have 13 fish completed.

Everybody - don't forget to wear sunscreen when you're getting drunk on the lake and TRY to remember the reason for this 3-day-weekend, K?!?!?!


Blogger Nards said...

Drunk on the lake sounds like fun, but I don't see it happenin'. Happy long weekend to you.


1:57 PM  
Blogger YarnNinja said...

Details about the yarn store? Please? Even with being in South Tulsa, I don't mind a drive for good yarn.

11:20 AM  

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