Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Its Wednesday!

Yippee! That means that the week is half over. And considering that its a short week to begin with - GLORIOUS!! (can you hear the Angels singing?)

Tomorrow, there shall be photos! I need to weave in the ends on my Spiral baby blanket and block it for its photo shoot, so it may not make it in time - I'll try.

I want to make another spiral soon! I loved it!

I have a question now -

If I create entirely new patterns from patterns that I created from inspiration, how far back do I owe credit?

Discuss in the comments, please?

ps - I only have a 4 day week next week too!!!!


Blogger mf said...

OH NO!! I stoppd by ealier to print out your post for the kntitign fish recipe then I ran out of ink, I just changed my ink and came back to print it again it and it's gone!!!! Would you mind emialing it to me. my DD was so looking forward to helping me today

4:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

April that blanket is lovely! I've been drooling over NoNoKitty's yarns ever since her store went online. Now if I can only get off this yarn diet . . .

10:52 AM  

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