Tuesday, July 19, 2005

5 Days!

Oh my goodness! The things that have happened in the last five days!

I made a skirt - I'll try to get pictures of it up soon. It was very easy, and I only messed up a few times. But I learned from them and hubby has already said that I can buy more fabric. Also - my boys want to learn to sew. I'm going to be looking for an easy pattern for them to start with.

I haven't finished a thing knit-wise. I've got a ton on the needles!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has some amazing knits in it. I LOVE the afgahn you can see behind Grandpa Bucket as seen here.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was a fantastic read. I'll re-read it more slowly after DH finishes it.

At Church, we're working on expanding our nursery! We have beds for 12 babies and lately we've just been overflowing! Some of the babies we have don't need beds any longer, we've tagged them as crawlers, but the crawler room is full to busting too, so we can't move them up. And there are more on the way in the next few months - 4 that I know of.

We're also doing a Back-Yard Bible Club (am I a yarn-nerd if I misspell yard as yarn?) at a huge low-income apartment complex this week. That makes tonight my last night at home all week!

Can you say BUSY??? Oh Well, I love it! Even if it does hamper my exercise time.


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