Monday, July 11, 2005

Top 10 things to NOT do for 4th of July

10. Do not expose your children to Roseola or Coxsackie virus at daycare
9. Then expose your grand-neice to same by visiting with her for 3 days
8. Try to begin a new diet while visiting with the in-laws with a schedule fish-fry
7. Forget the sunscreen
6. Forget the insect repellent
5. Forget bathing suits
4. Go to Tenkiller Lake to see fireworks from boat
3. Let nephew (grandson) and husband (son) both sit on front end of pontoon boat
2. Let Grandpa drive said boat while arguing with grandson and son
1. Run into a stump and loose your running lights in said boat at 10pm, after seeing fireworks from lake with 1 million other boats, on a moonless night, when you are still 1 mile from your slip.


Blogger mf said...

been there done that! all that!!! Especially the after fireworks boat traffic with no light!! Sure makes an interesting night though doesn't it?!

10:09 PM  

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