Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday! Humpday!

Ok, so that is a very lame post title, but what can I say?

See this kid: Last Saturday was his 9th birthday. When DID THIS HAPPEN? I mean, 9 years ago I gave birth to a baby, 5 weeks premature! He was originally due October 2nd. I was told he would always be smaller than the other kids. That was true for the first year, but he is now at least a head taller than the boys in his class and the same height as the girls. I was told that he probably shouldn't start kindergarten when he is 5, but rather wait until he was 6. Uh, Don't think so! In the 4th grade, he is reading on 6th grade levels!

Because of extenuating family circumstances (DH without a job and an Aunt's memorial service ON his Birthday) he won't have a party with his friends until October. Is he upset? I've not heard one peep from him! He said he can wait to have his party, and he can have it the same time as his brother's.

How cool of a kid did I get???

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

For my SP5 on Knitty

1. What color makes you happy?
Pink when its in a sunset/sunrise
green when its the first buds of the willow in spring

2. Sunshine or moonlight?
A little of both - sunshine is invigorating, moonlight is soothing

3. Flip-flops?:
a. for every occasion
b. just for the beach
c. never on my feet
It they have the thing between the toes - NEVER, if they've got a wide strap, all summer

4. 40’s glamour, 50’s kitch, or 60’s free love?
A mix of the 40's and 50's. My dining room has an actual table from the 50's, with the chairs my mom used as a kid. Its red and chrome! I love it!

5. my favorite movies:
a. are full of romance
b. make me laugh, and laugh
c. take me to another dimension
d. scare me half to death
e. are the ones that only play in limited release
I would have to say both A and B. Romance and comedy go so well with each other.

6. What’s your favorite comfort food?
Mashed potatoes and gravy - from scratch of course, or Ice Cream

7. Which way(s) do you knit?
Um- I'm not really sure. I knit from left needle to right needle, with the yarn in my left hand.

8. Banking:
a. ATM
b. Online
c. Real live teller
d. Drive through
All of the above!

9. Who is your favorite non-fiction author?
Wha? People read NON-fiction? No, really - Rick Warren wrote the last peice of non-fiction I read, and I'm already re-reading Purpose Driven Life

10. Bath or shower?
Bath to relax tired muscles, shower to clean and shave.

Bye Aunt Susie

Until we see each other again, know that I love you and will miss you terribly.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Tribute

See that young Beauty in the middle? Today she begins her journey to see her Father again.

The Girl on the Left, lower (brunette); the Girl on the right, lower (blonde); and the little boy at the bottom; plus one born after this composit was done - will be saying goodbye to their momma.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Rainy days and Mondays

Yeah, the Carpenters. I loved their music growing up.

So, its Monday, and its rained now for two days! And it is still way overcast for August.

I've not swatched for Eris yet, but I have some WOTA from Knitpicks that I'm going to try before I place an order.

I've nearly finished a Sophie Bag

I need to work on a needle roll, and create my prototype for a circular needle holder.

I'll post info for my Knitty SP5 soon.

And I promise to post again before the week is up - and maybe with my own pictures! What a novel idea!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lets move that depressing post!

OK, I haven't wanted to be here because of the depressing post I left last time I was here. So, Lets Move IT!

With my meager lunch allowance of $6.00, I purchased this beauty: Eris.

Isn't she pretty? I will need serious hand-holding through this pattern. It will be a first sweater, first cables (celtic at that!), and if I go with the cardigan - a first zipper

This is the collar detail of the cardigan from Girl from Auntie

This is the collar detail for the pullover.

What isn't seen here is that there is some really cool hem detail also!

OK, I'm thinking of these for the colors, top two are Wool of the Andes and bottom two are Merino Style, all from KnitPicks (makes pullover less than $20.00 in WOTA)

WOTA Stream
MS Moss
 MS Asparagus

I'm hoping that I can talk mom into getting me the yarn for my birthday, if not, I'll be saving my lunch money for a long time!