Thursday, October 27, 2005

April's No Good, Very Bad Week

This has been the week from H E Double Hockey Sticks! Some of it my own fault, much of it the fault of the local electric company.

I have not been able to knit a single stich on Trellis sinse last Sunday. I NEED to finish this sweater by Monday so that I can start another - I need to make 3 by Christmas.

I also want to knit a couple Branching Out scarves for Christmas - and something extra for my boss.

I have a birthday party for two this weekend.

I want to take a good, long nap.

Update on the contest

Just a bit late - but I won! yippee!!! and I got the yarn! Yippee!!

Thank you!

Friday, October 07, 2005

FO's, Contests and such!

First - the contest: June of Quiddityis having a contest - post a picture of all of your hand-knit socks. Here is mine. One single pair. And they happen to be on my feet today!

And here is Kiri - in her finished Glory!

She is very small - but I like her that way! Here is her stitch detail.