Friday, December 30, 2005

My Lists for 2006

OK – I stole this list-ing idea and the headings from Crazy Aunt Purl. Think of it as self imposed Meme Tagging. I do believe she gave me permission with the following: I do hope you'll make a list, not so much Resolutions as goals and hopes and your own To-Do and To-Don't pile for the coming year. May your list be bulleted and bold! Or numbered and small. It does not matter. To list is to live. To list online is to live out loud!
May you ... list long and prosper.

My 2006 List of TO-DOs and TO-DON'Ts

Money Things:

• Bring lunch to work a lot
• Cut trips to grocery store down to 1 per week instead of the nightly "Nothing at home sounds good maybe a trip through the drive through will help..."
• Deposit money into savings account each paycheck.
• Stop buying stuff that I don't need.
• Balance Check Book monthly – stop with the guessing.
• Cook more – your kids like your cooking and its hi-time they learn some kitchen skills too

The Size Of My Ass:
• Do Pilates at least 3 times per week
• Eat healthier stuff
• Eat vegetables.
• Drink more water.
• Get clothes that fit and flatter

Personal Good Stuff:
• Every day, choose happy over sad, free over constrained, liberated over abandoned, and laugh a lot. Wake up the next day and repeat.
• Plant a garden and tend to it all season – enjoy eating the fruits and vegetables of my labors with my children
• Go on a trip. (Ft. Collins, Dallas, Houston, Who knows - JUST GO!)
• Stop procrastinating. Just stop it already.
• Moisturize.
• Floss.
• Play mini-golf
• Host a dinner party in which I actually cook dinner
• Do something fun on my birthday. Even if I'm broke due to sons birthdays.
• Play "Clean Sweep" in each room at least one room per month

• Up contribution to the 401(k) plan
• Get new heat and air system at home (may cut out the trip)
• Schedule vacation time.
• Work hard. Make deadlines a day early.
• Look at all the options.
• Have a positive attitude. Especially at work and with all co-workers. Suit up, show up and act as if....
• Send thank-you notes

• Finish the niecelings sweaters
o one cast on (1/3 done) black-diamond
o one in yarn – not sure of pattern yet
• Make the fingerless gloves so that my hands will stay warm during the chilly "I sit by the front door that everyone walks through" winter
• Make Eris for me
• Finish son's Gryffendor scarf
• Begin any Christmas Knitting early so as to impress teachers
• Make something for Son's Kindergarten teacher (Kiri or Flowerbasket)

Finally... The Not-To-Do List:
• Don't say "yes" to things just because someone springs them on me at the last minute. Instead, say "Let me think about it and get back to you."
• Time is sparse, life if short. Don't waste it on useless things, people, memories, obligations.
• Don't worry about stuff I can't change anyway.
• Don't expect other people to live by my values.
• Don't compromise my values for anyone.
• Don't choose the known over the unknown just because it's comfortable.
• Don't waste time on stupid stuff or mean stuff. Frequently ask myself "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?"
• Don't minimize success.

This list is subject to change and modification of course.


Blogger Elabeth said...

On the gardening, I highly recommend the Square Foot Gardening method. So far all the prep work has been ten times easier than regular, traditional till up the dirt method. Plus the raised beds are 3-4 feet wide so even kids can reach in there and help out with weeding etc. without walking on anything. Check it out at

7:00 PM  
Blogger helen said...

the funny thing is, Purl really meant those things. they totally are her, she made them up. a lot of them...uhh, don't sound like you ;) or maybe cuz i 'know' her from her blog, and that's her. hehe

12:37 AM  

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