Friday, April 29, 2005

If you know Cecilia -

Or where to find the instructions for this blanket (Knitters Magazine, perhaps) please e-mail me at knittingarrows (at) gmail dot com

I want to make one for an up-coming sprogging that will be taking place in my family.

Your help in tracking this pattern is greatly appreciated!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005


That is the number that we need to know on August 31. That number, less the number we know on 8/31 is the amount I get to spend on yarn on 9/1. Thats right, its a yarn diet - $1 for each pound + $5 for each (comfortable)pant size. Current is 14.

Chelsea - I did get my package! Thank you so much! We've not done the prints yet, but will do them on Saturday if its sunny enough, or on Sunday at Granny's Birthday Party - I think she's 78 this year.

My Ball Winder is on its way! Yippee!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Ebay is my downfall!

But it has been so worth it! I've won a woolwinder and a swift! Woo Hoo! I'll post pictures as soon as I get them later this week.

I'm so giddy!

Kristel - I'm still cranking away on your socks!

Sockapalooza Pal - I know you're from Germany, and I LOVE MY SOCKS! Thank you! I love them!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just in case you wanted to know what we look like

In our Easter Clothes! This is only the 2nd family portrait that we've had made since that little one came into the family. The bad thing about this fact is that the first Family Portrait with all 4 of us was done just this past Christmas! Yikes!

Family Portrait Posted by Hello

On the knitting front - I've completed Branching Out (see it at our Branching Out KAL!) I've started another in the same colorway for either my SIL or my MIL - not sure yet!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

You know its Spring - Part II

When the new SPRING KNITTY is realeased! I love Branching Out and I'm going to try to make one in time for Mother's Day for my mom. I know that I can't get it done in time for her Birthday - because that is MONDAY!!! Yikes!!!

I'm thinking of hosting a KAL for this - Or looking for one if its created. Its a one-ball-wonder and thats what me likes for Sisters-in-law gifts! Although, I do have FIVE THOUSAND YARDS of LACE WEIGHT MERINO! So I don't even have to buy anything. Except maybe Koolaid to make them different colors!

Oh my Gosh I am sooo excited!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oh man, it was bad

Yesterday, at about 4:30 CDT (I hate the D), the storms rolled in. You know its spring in Oklahoma when the hail stones are compared to golf balls and little tents pop up on every available parking lot offering "Paintless Dent Repair."

It took us an extra 10 minutes to get home, and once we got there - it hadn't even RAINED. I live DUE EAST of my office, the Storm was moving DUE EAST, but started moving north before hitting my house! Yeah!

Kristel - I'm working on the socks! I spent most of last night trying to watch NCIS between weather breaks, and knit away. I'm doing the gusset decreases. It seems like I'm taking forever (to me) but then I remember that I am doing two at once! So when I do finish - I will be finished!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Today is Flash Your Stash Day

Flash Day! Posted by Hello

I've somehow missed taking pictures of the following yarns:

2 skeins of KnitPicks sock garden - holly berry
2 skeins of KnitPicks striped sock - Sweettarts
2 skeins of kitchen cotton
2 skeins of craft cotton
Un-reclaimed WIPs that are to be frogged, in Cotton-Ease
1 skein of Safety Orange Red Heart
4 skeins of Wool of the Andes
1 Skein of Cascade 220
Various oddballs of leftovers

Laceweight Snow Man Posted by Hello

Lanett from Toni at THE FOLD Posted by Hello

Socks from Deb on the Web Posted by Hello

Cotton - 5 here, 6 not pictured Posted by Hello

TINY Posted by Hello

5000yards of Lace Posted by Hello

Fishermans Koolaid Posted by Hello

Noro Lily - On the Moon to be Posted by Hello

Cashmerino - 4 balls Posted by Hello