Monday, April 03, 2006

Wherein April goes camping, with sock

The lovely Mr John Zink and his family's love of nature and conservation, and the Scouts, our boys got to go camping for a weekend without any other cubs. It was just us - on our own for entertainment and activities. And we survived!

This is Son#2 - the Webelo I, faking a passout. It was really warm this past weekend, and the boys were playing hard! The structure behind him is called The Landship, its a large, 3-story, structure that resembles a boat, it has a "steering" wheel and a flag mast - neither of which worked, mind you. The boys played Jack Sparrow for hours!

Later in the day we played water tag, this gave the boys a good chance to cool of and just play. Son #2, currently a Scout Buddy, can't wait to finish kindergarten to sign up as a Tiger.

There is a burn ban on in Oklahoma, so all food was cold prep only. Each family provided enough food for their family w/ the idea of sharing. We took for lunch turkey and cheese sandwiches, and for dinner we had taco salad. Breakfast was pop-tarts. Snacks were fresh fruit and granola bars.

While the boys did table activites (tying knots, drawing maps), I did this
My first tow-up sock from Wendy's pattern.

and now I look like this:
I don't think this photo shows how red or swollen I really am. Trust me when I say, "Buy new sunscreen EVERY YEAR!" The one I was using was 30, and just purchased in August, but I think it didn't work!


Blogger Me said...

I think it's mostly a matter of applying sunscreen every two hours and the first time about 30 minutes prior to exposure. (hardly anyone knows about this)

9:13 AM  
Anonymous monkeevermin said...

You got roasted!

10:51 AM  
Anonymous libraryliz said...

Hi April,
I'm new to your blog...found you through NoNoKittyKnits.
How are you feeling about your toe-up socks? I was thinking of starting a pair soon.
I hope your sunburn feels better soon!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Corrina said...

We've got a tiger scout and a "scout buddy" in our house too. My lil guy (the kindergartner) was just telling another one of the tigers that he was gonna be a cub scout "like any day now".

12:25 PM  
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My lil guy (the kindergartner) was just telling another one of the tigers that he was gonna be a cub scout "like any day now".

4:47 AM  
Blogger endy smith said...

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