Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2nd Verse

This post is for Monkee. My "Why I love the Mother Road" essay if you will.

Why I love the Mother Road.

Yes, this is Rt. 66, I took this pic while driving back to work from lunch.

The Mother Road is my favorite road because I can eat at places like the Metro Diner on this road.

The Metro Diner has the BEST breakfast for not a whole lotta money! The sign there reads "Elvis eats here"

I also like the Mother Road because in or not too far from Tulsa you can see things like these:

A Big Blue Whale - in OKLAHOMA!

The Admiral Twin, a double sided drive-in. The best prices in town. 6.50 for an adult, 2.00 for kids and you CAN bring your own food! And its ALWAYS a double feature!

This is the wall around my old school - painted with really cool pics of all the states on the Mother Road.

Also - a lot of my all time favorite movie, The Outsiders, was filmed on or near Rt 66.

BUT, the number one reason I love the Mother Road is: It takes me home from work EVERY DAY!

PS - I also love I-35 because, come September, it will take me to meet Monkee!

Lets see -

I haven't posted in a month and a half - so, what will distract you enough not to make snide comments?

Will it be a super cute baby sweater?

Pattern: Modified Sirdar pattern
Yarn: 1 skein (yes, only 1) Nature Spun in a lovely spring green
Needles: size 3 straights and size 6 addi
Intended: not sure yet, my boys say its too girlie for a boy!

Or will it be cute boys?

Notice the newly shaved heads! We do this every summer and the boys love it.

Or will it by MY new hair?

I do this about every two years - I whack it off, donate it, and grow it back out. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Next Post will be for Monkee's contest.