Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2nd Verse

This post is for Monkee. My "Why I love the Mother Road" essay if you will.

Why I love the Mother Road.

Yes, this is Rt. 66, I took this pic while driving back to work from lunch.

The Mother Road is my favorite road because I can eat at places like the Metro Diner on this road.

The Metro Diner has the BEST breakfast for not a whole lotta money! The sign there reads "Elvis eats here"

I also like the Mother Road because in or not too far from Tulsa you can see things like these:

A Big Blue Whale - in OKLAHOMA!

The Admiral Twin, a double sided drive-in. The best prices in town. 6.50 for an adult, 2.00 for kids and you CAN bring your own food! And its ALWAYS a double feature!

This is the wall around my old school - painted with really cool pics of all the states on the Mother Road.

Also - a lot of my all time favorite movie, The Outsiders, was filmed on or near Rt 66.

BUT, the number one reason I love the Mother Road is: It takes me home from work EVERY DAY!

PS - I also love I-35 because, come September, it will take me to meet Monkee!


Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

Always love going that way up to Vinita and then visiting the World's Largest McDonald's. Did you know that the blue whale was made for an anniversary present for a guy's wife years ago? Isn't that cool? BTW, we are moved to Bartlesville now!

9:20 PM  
Blogger spinndiva said...

we have rout 66 going through our little place here too... so if I follow it , it will take me to you and monkee?
wohoooo ! what a wonderfull road!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Ilix said...

How cool! Route 66!
We still have a drive-in theater here too! one screen though, double feature every night except the weekend......when you get three movies! Love Drive-in's!

9:11 PM  
Blogger KimT said...


I will be in McAlester OK from 7-23 to 7-28. Do you know of any knitting events or yarn shops I can visit? Or any other interesting things to do or places to see? Will I be anywhere near the diner you mentioned on this post? I would love to there. Post a response on my blog if you get a chance! I really appreciate your help!

11:33 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...

This blog seems to have passed away. That's sad.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Pearl Girl said...

Hi April - love this picture! We designed this project but don't have any good pics.... can we use this on our website? We'd of course give you credit :)


1:21 PM  
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